• Vio Commerce Inc


    Access to Largest Remittance Corridor Globally
    Over $25 Billion Remittances Sent Annually
    Banking Stability and Performance

    Over $25 Billion Remittances
    Sent Annually
  • Global Reach

    Transcending Borders, Embracing Freedom
    Access to 150+ Currencies Globally
    350+ Financial Institutions

    Access to
    150+ Currencies Globally
  • Innovation

    Tailored Best in Class Solutions
    Exceptional Cloud-Based Experience
    Simple, Real-Time Financial Services

    Cloud-Based Experience



We offer cloud-based peer-to-peer money transfer in various forms: remittance, airtime top-up, bill payment, vouchers, school tuition and rent payment, among others. All money transfers are done in real-time. Our services will allow the user to connect rapidly and seamlessly on a global scale using the exact method of transfer that is suitable to them. Our pricing structure is transparent, which creates an experience the user can trust to deliver as promised without hidden fees.

Vio's system allows access to funds quickly and cost-effectively at a preferred exchange rate. We are redefining the costs and implications of transferring money and improving the overall service for the end user. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us--we are dedicated to offering the best quality and price to customers.

More on what we offer:

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Bypass unnecessary bank fees by removing border barriers--we give customers a better way to provide financial support in real-time to friends and family. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

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Airtime Top-Up

Keeping in contact has never been easier. Airtime top up is mobile text, talk or data added to prepaid mobile phones. This is transferred instantly enabling faster communication with loved ones.

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Bill Payment

Empowering better money management as well as gifting the user with even more control on how their money is transferred and what the financial implication of each transfer and amount will be

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Avoid postal service fees: Vouchers are a great gift idea. Vouchers can be redeemed in goods and services such as food, transportation, pharmacy, clothing, electronics etc.

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