• Vio Commerce Inc


    Access to Largest Remittance Corridor Globally
    Over $25 Billion Remittances Sent Annually
    Banking Stability and Performance

    Over $25 Billion Remittances
    Sent Annually
  • Global Reach

    Transcending Borders, Embracing Freedom
    Access to 150+ Currencies Globally
    350+ Financial Institutions

    Access to
    150+ Currencies Globally
  • Innovation

    Tailored Best in Class Solutions
    Exceptional Cloud-Based Experience
    Simple, Real-Time Financial Services

    Cloud-Based Experience



The founders of Vio have more than a decade of experience within the global telecommunication field. With a focus on carrier services contracting over 100 incumbent operators and transferring over 100 million minutes per month to destinations throughout Africa, Asia and South America. Vio’s retail telephone arm that provides long distance calling, virtual numbers, and call back services, with a market focus on major ethnic immigrants, has helped us realize the potential that exists within these communities and how they communicate and support their families back home.

Throughout this journey we have witnessed the rapid penetration of the mobile services among all segments of societies-- coupled with a high convenience usage factor--providing a unique opportunity for communication service providers and financial institutions to offer a wide range of mobile financial experiences. For example, services such as top-ups and bill-payments to advanced financial products like mobile wallet, remittance, insurance and loans. As we move forward Vio is a new opportunity to tap into our existing resources. Namely our expertise in the industry, our relationship with global mobile operators, and our experience in building global networks and our understanding of ethnic communities.

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  • More than a decade of experience in building global networks
  • Valuable relationships with mobile operators globally
  • Extensive knowledge of emerging markets