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Vio is in a unique position in Canada and the U.S. to offer innovative and streamlined financial services to the world's largest corridor of remittance with approximately $151 billion sent and received annually. With a focus on other large corridors such as India, China, Philippines and many African nations.

Remittance is integral in helping not only family and friends situated around the globe thrive, but their economies as well. In fact, worldwide about 10 per cent of the total population -- close to 1 billion people -- are involved in remittance with these numbers expected to grow.

The advantage of calling Canada and the U.S. home is that both financial sectors are ranked among the highest in the world for soundness. Moreover, with increased trust in online banking and internet usage across all age groups, Vio is within the ideal vicinity to introduce our cloud-based services to the market.

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  • One of the world leaders in financial technology
  • Largest corridor for remittance
  • $151 billion inflow and outflow yearly remittance
  • Increase of trust in online banking