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Vio is a cloud-based financial ecosystem that facilitates peer-to-peer transfer of money in real-time to 150+ countries. Our global network, that we built, has access to more than 350 financial institutions, 400 mobile operators and 150,000 cash-out locations--making Vio's money transfer superior.

At Vio, we have gathered a team of exceptional strategists, innovators, and visionaries with deep knowledge of finance, technology and behavioural science to innovate and disrupt an expanding number of areas in the financial sector.

We offer non face-to-face financial services, in line with the wave of web reliant consumers who are increasingly moving more aspects of their life online. Uniquely at Vio, we combine the most comprehensive and advanced financial grade solutions, along with a dedicated center of excellence to accelerate market adoption of cloud-based financial services.

Using a variety of channels and technology resources our service is empowering users to access and transact in real-time. Fulfilling customer's desire to make banking more enjoyable, with the utilization of digital payments and offering a non-committal banking relationship is our paramount priority. We aim to offer a full spectrum of financial services, through partnership with banks, financial institutions, MNOs and MTOs globally.

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A decade of experience, knowledge and commitment

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One of the soundest banking infrastructures globally

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Global Reach

Continuously growing and transcending borders

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Vision 4 Kids

Giving kids the most powerful, technical advantage

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