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Vision 4 Kids


Vision 4 Kids

At Vio we know that our kids are our future. We also understand the importance of financial inclusion. It can be difficult for kids to overcome socioeconomic variables that can determine who makes the grade in life -- why not put the future in their hands?

VIO developed a program called Vision 4 Kids. It gives kids from underprivileged backgrounds, the most powerful technical advantage to get ahead, a personal computer (PC). We know that it’s a drop in the bucket when it comes to the real need facing these kids, but it’s a start.

Reputation and legacy is important to a company. We wanted to align with an initiative that reflected our core values. By giving kids computers we are part of larger movement -- the sandbox concept -- when you inspire people within a community to solve their own problems.

Computers are the most effective learning tool on the market. A PC is able to connect kids to the latest information and academic insights, ultimately improving their performance at school. And eventually they become problem solvers in their own communities. Plus, PCs allow them to see beyond their own neighbourhoods -- to see the opportunity that exists, who they can be, and what they can do.

Computers are used in virtually every industry to support operations. Entire industries are built around them, and for them. When kids are computer savvy they form a great foundation in which they can build upon. They are exposed to animation, graphics and development philosophies. The who, what, why and how these things work help shape their mental process and reasoning. And that is the ticket to their future because inquisitive minds are able to shape the world for the better. Throughout VIO’s portfolio of value-added services, this is by far our greatest, because when a child succeeds, so does society. Vio also partnered with UNICEF to advance early education in the Middle East.

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